DISH Television Overview

When picking a Satellite TV provider you might think nothing matters but price. It’s all the same television after all right? It’s not like your TV viewing is going to double in size if you pick one over the other. While this is true, the idea that it has no bearing on your entertainment is false. Different satellite providers offer slightly different services such as various digital recorders, all sorts of different channels including sports, different choices for international programming. DISH TV is certainly one of the oldest providers out there, but with the huge variety of choices you have, is it the one to go with? This Website can help you decide and it offers completely unbiased comparisons that consider all the possibilities.

Here we’ll discuss DISH Network and what it has to offer.

DISH and DIRECTV are very similar in the services they offer; the main difference is going to be channel selection. The DISH Network offers an extensive variety of channels and packages, such as international channels including Latino that aren’t available anywhere else. They also offer more HD channels that other services in the satellite industry and their HD DVR system allows you and your family to watch 4 different HD programs at the same time in different rooms. In addition, you can record up to 6 HD channels at the same time and skip annoying primetime TV commercials. You can also record and store as many as 2,000 hours and it has 4 times the storage space as cable. DISH DVRs also have the reputation of being user friendly.

DISH Network packages prices can range between $19.95 for 55 plus channels to 450 plus channels, very affordable options when compared to other satellite television choices. They also showcase special offers that include free HD for life, Blockbuster@Home free for 3 months, free installation and more. Should you have a questions, their customer service is available 24 hours a day, and if you should experience any problems, you can get them resolved right away.

DISH television also offers everybody’s favorite premium channels, showcasing award winning original series, the top hit movies and more. You can save money if you bundle your favorite premium channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinema. Once you have access to all these great channels you won’t want to live without them. They also often have special promotions where you can receive premium channels for free for up to 3 months.

For sports lovers the Multi-Sport package features the popular NFL RedZone, as well as Pac-12 Networks. For family and kid friendly viewing there’s is the Family Time bundle that is sure to keep the kids entertained with exceptional age appropriate shows.

DISH Network is a great choice when it comes to satellite TV, however you can use this website as a research source and compare what channels and affordable packages are offered by each provider, all in one place and unbiased. Just make sure that if you do pick DIRECTV or DISH TV that you are informed. Choosing the right provider for your household television needs will ensure you get the most out of your viewing pleasure.