Lets Examine DISH Network

DISH Network has provided satellite TV for longer than most any other television providers in the business and with their fair price point and long history are now identified as one of the pioneers of Satellite television. The pricing with regards to the DISH packages are exceptional. They offer more international programming than most other providers, and their reliability is as stellar as competitors like DIRECTV. When comparing DISH vs DIRECTV you’ll find that the distinctions are subtle, but taking the time to compare each will help you enjoy the experience all that much more.

DISH TV comes with a lot of nice, user friendly features. You get an extremely easy to use on demand service and from here you can order just about everything. You can get movies, premium shows, upgrade your package and even buy more channels with a few clicks if you wish. You can even set up different menus such as a “kid’s menu”, “adult menu” or “sports” allowing you to customize your guide for whatever the occasion. You’ll also get access to all sorts of international programming and various promotions through the on demand menus.

DISH also comes coupled with one of the best DVRs for free. This DVR records more than 400 hours of standard definition programming and over 200 hours of high definition programming. The DIRECTV DVR also makes it really easy to watch TV the way you want while being able to pause, fast forward through commercials and rewind if you missed something. It’s an extremely convenient way to enjoy TV.

DISH Network’s service is also affordable. The most basic plan offered by DISH is $19.95 a month (with special offer) and, it comes with high definition programming to make good use of all your favorites in high definition clarity. DISH’s $24.99 package carries 190+ channels and DIRECTV’s basic package runs $29.99 (with special offer) and you get 140 plus digital channels. There really isn’t that much of a difference in pricing; the important thing is to choose a service that offers the channels and programming that you care about.

In the past, all satellite TV services struggled when it came to bad weather, but today they are much more reliable with a reported uptime of 99.9%. Both DISH and DIRECTV, constantly competing with each other continue to step it up, constantly looking for ways to improve their already reliable service. In addition, to make things easier for their customers they are now offering 24/7 customer service to help with any problems you might have and usually fix them instantly.

Picking a Satellite television service may seem like a no brainer, but the wrong decision can effect how much you get out of your television viewing. Use the comparison charts on the right and information on this website to make an informed decision, paying attention the each one’s channel choices from sports to kid friendly and adult viewing. Both providers offer a seemingly endless amount of viewing options, however they do differ a bit so make sure you choose the one that’s right for your household.