When time comes for you to decide between DISH Network vs DIRECTV for your satellite services, there are many factors to consider. Channel listings, features, pricing, coverage quality and so forth. But, when you are stuck between a similar package on both providers, and can’t decide, it is important to look at the perks you get with each, and the bonus features you are going to get with each provider, in comparison to the other.

Lets Check Out What DISH Network Has to Offer-
Some of the perks you are going to get from this provider include:
– Discount on the first year of service and Free HD for life (no additional charge for any channel).
– 3 free months HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime.
– Free Blockbuster home for 3 months, and with certain packages, you get the Hopper for free ($6 for equipment a month).
– No need to buy equipment and no installation fee is going to be charged to new customers.

With DISH, you get quite a few perks, regardless of the package option you choose; and, with certain packages you are going to be able to get the Hopper for free, which is something most customers want to add to their packages today.

Now Let’s Have a Look at DIRECTV –
Customers are also going to receive some benefits with this provider as well; some of these additional package features will also include:
– Lower price the first year of service (no HD Free).
– Free Genie (depending on the package you sign up for with service) and Genie Go ($99).
– 3 months free Starz, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime (and certain Entertainment package).
– No start up costs and no installation costs.
– TV on Demand, for sports, movies, and other shows you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

DIRECTV is also going to provide customers with more package perks and features. But, the cost is a bit higher on their end, and the price increases after the first year of service, are far higher than the increase in the rate of service after one year with DISH. So, it is important to consider the package perks, what you get for free, and what additional bonuses you are going to receive as a customer, to find the best product.

When comparing DISH Network vs DIRECTV, our site is where you have to go to truly compare the channel listings. As a customer, it is the only sure way for you to know what stations you get on each package, and which of the packages is the best deal for you, based on the shows, movies, and the sports you want to watch. So, before you decide on the perks with any of the providers, and prior to selecting a package, make sure to visit our site, so you can do an in depth comparison of the channels you are really going to get, when you sign a contractor. Doing this will allow you to find what the best package is, what you will receive, and how you can save when you finally do decide on the provider of choice for your satellite services.