Honest DISH Network Review

If you are considering DISH Network, this DISH Network review is going to give you an in depth look at the provider and the services. Not only do you have various upgrades, such as the Hopper (which is free for 12 months), you also have a number of package options to choose from, to meet your viewing needs and desires.

Channel Comparison –
Prior to making the decision to go with Dish, you have to really look at what you get, in terms of channels, for the price. Using an online comparison site is the best way to do this. Not only will it break down each of DISH’s packages, it will also let you know a breakdown of the cost per channel, and what you are paying for with each package you can choose from.

Equipment –
With Dish, you get the receiver for the Hopper included free, with a 2 year contract. A central receiver allows you to connect all TVs in the home, and you can control them all from each room of the home. Additionally, the Sling is a new addition, which allows you to watch streamed shows on wireless devices at a later time, which is another upgrade the company has offered.

Viewing Features –
You can record several shows at once, you can skip commercials, and you can set up times to record, so you never miss a show. If you have more than one person watching at a time, you can watch different programs, in different rooms; you can also pause in one room, and pick up in a different room, so you do not miss one minute of the action.

Packages –
DISH offers 4 packages, ranging from 120 channels, up to 205. You can also order the additional movie channels, gaming, sports, or pay per view. Most of the packages come with three free months of HBO for your viewing pleasure, and after you can add this per month. You can add a single channel, or a few channels to any package (such as a sports package), based on your budget.

User Friendly –
DISH equipment is very user friendly, and the new Hopper makes it simple for anyone, to watch anything they want, at any time. With the ability to record up to 6 shows at once, you can be rest assured that you are never going to miss a show you love, even if you are not able to get home on time, or do not have the ability to watch because the TVs are taken; even if rain fade is an issue, recording can take place.

There are various DISH network reviews you can find online. Before you make up your mind on the service, or the package, you have to know what you are going to get, and just what you are paying for with your services. So, before you subscribe and sign up for a contract, learn about the channel listings, pricing, and what you are going to get out of each package you can choose from.