DIRECTV vs. Charter Spectrum

My name is Kimberly, but I have been “Kim” for longer than I can remember. My job is to write about satellite and cable television, and I have been doing it for over 15 years. You need to know that you can trust my opinion and the fact that I get paid the same no matter what I write should make it easy to see that I am sincere when it comes to remaining unbiased.

TV is an important part of my life, and my two teens and my husband enjoy spending time together in our living room every chance we have. I cherish what I do, and never take sides because both DIRECTV and Charter Spectrum are awesome options for programming providers. I just explain the differences between the two companies and make it easier for you to compare the features that each one offer concerning products and services.

I will always remain honest and speak to you from my point of view as an informed author, but more importantly a working mother who has two teens and a husband of 16 years who are the loves of my life. Some of you who wonder why I mentioned my husband and teen children in the same sentence may feel that was a derogatory statement. Moms who realize that nothing in the entire household, garage or even the yard can be located by any of the inhabitants other than yourself will appreciate the reality of the situation.

The Compass For Finding the Right Provider:

Our Channel Comparison Tool helps people find their way toward making the fastest and most informed decisions in programming choices and unique features. Unlike standard tools used in everyday life which require practicing the charts allow you to discover in minutes what would normally require hours of searches on the web. Our “at a glance visuals” provide overviews for each of the many different items in a one by one and side by side format. Try It Now!

We try and update specials, features, pricing and packages as frequently as they are released to us, but it is always a good idea to ask about any special discounts or promotions which are in effect during the call to establish service. Our tool should help you gather a few relevant questions you may have when you call the provider of your choice.

Making Lincoln Scream:

Pinching Pennies

When it comes to “pinching pennies” in today’s economic times finding extra money in the budget might have the late, great President crying out in pain. I am still searching for that currency which comes from the mint which cranks out “extra” money just like most of you. Unexpected expenses are just about the only thing which you can consistently expect and budget constraints remain as a major factor for choosing between DIRECTV and Charter Spectrum.

As you can see by the chart below both DIRECTV and Charter Spectrum, have options for basic entertainment packages for around $2 per day, and special promotions can start under two bucks a day.

Charter TV prices

Promotions and special offers typically last for a year to two depending on the offer and making a choice for the long term is usually the best idea. The special promotion is more like the icing, and the regular price is the cake, both are sweet in this case, but that frosting is difficult to beat for a sugar fix. Ok, I admit that occasionally I have stopped on the way home from the gym for a secret ice cream treat and snagged a candy bar or two out of both my children’s and husband’s stashes of sweets, but I am not a junk food advocate.

Fortunately, you can be more comfortable with my expert opinion that both DIRECTV and Charter Spectrum offer value in their high-end programming packages much more than you would trust me with dark chocolate in your underwear drawer.

Charter Spectrum DVR vs DIRECTV Genie

These are the DVRs and their features so don’t expect a multi-colored cluster of magic wishes from somebody dressed in pajamas. Have you ever wondered how we managed to turn out normal after being raised by parents who watched a blonde Genie come out of a bottle and referred to a Colonel as their “master” and thought it made sense? Sorry, sometimes questions that are critical to national security just pop into my head.

DIRECTV-Genie-vs Charter DVR

DIRECTV and Charter Spectrum can both be watched from anywhere and provide on-demand content. Pricing for multiple DVRs is comparable between the two companies. DIRECTV offers a 4K resolution, recordings that can be viewed from multiple locations and the ability to rewind programs for up to 72 hours and both offer HD channel options.

DVRs - A Family Who Stays Together Probably Records Separately:

In our house, we each have our favorite features for DVRs. As long as my daughter and myself can get our fixes in for certain design shows, a major catastrophe is avoided. Our family can watch football together, ( even though we have four different favorite teams ) and my boys, ( aka husband and son ) can watch their shows about hunting Bigfoot, intellectual preferences about snakes, gators, tattoos, storage auctions and other high-brow topics. We all share the same voice during The Voice and Zombies are our friends and even the dog watches them with unflinching interest and intensity.

Sports, Movies, Language and Package Options:

DIRECTV and Charter Spectrum offer a variety of language and channel options. Local channels are included for both and sports, premium and multiple movie options are available and can be ordered based on favorites. Packages offer significant flexibility and deliver value according to preferences and individual choices for each family.

DIRECTV vs Charter TV Comparison
Customer Service:

Remaining calm when calling customer service is the best plan. We are all just people, and each one of us has their different jobs and remembering that will take you a long way to the best in customer service. DIRECTV and Charter Spectrum have trained personnel to help with phone calls and making their day by being courteous is simply the right thing to do. You can use that bit of advice for all customer service calls in general.

The Final Grade:

When it comes to DIRECTV and Charter Spectrum, a couple of “A's” are going to the report cards. Excellence in TV programming and service provided by top notch companies is never just a passing grade and both deserve recognition for the quality of what they offer their customers. Either choice you make is an “honor student” at the Graduate level of satellite and cable viewing. Good luck and happy viewing.